Whether you’re a frontline worker or working from during a Covid-19 lockdown, you might find it difficult to switch off and relax after work – but it’s so important to try. Close your eyes and envision yourself in a quiet place where you feel happy and safe. It could be a forest, a beach, or your grandmother’s house.

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Want to work in retail? Think twice.

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If you are new to meditation or do not have the time, these apps provide sessions that are shorter than 10 minutes. Another benefit of using meditation apps is gamification. The progress-tracking and engaging interface of gamified mindfulness apps make following up on your daily meditation easier.

Practice Self-Care

Stress is largely unavoidable, but learning to manage your stress levels, especially after a long work day, is essential. High stress levels can cascade into mental and physical health conditions.

sustain your energy

These activities can stimulate you mentally or physically and give you a sense of accomplishment or completion after a long day of work. Nature Dose is an app that monitors how much time you spend indoors versus in nature. It calculates your daily exposure to natural surroundings. Additionally, you get Nature Prescriptions—customized targets for you each week. You can use this app to maintain a habit of spending time outdoors, which can eventually help in lowering stress levels.

Listen to soothing music

And you can take bath time up a few notches with a bath bomb and a self-care playlist that helps you reach the ultimate state of happiness and relaxation. You can ride a bike, go to the gym, play a sport, or do some yoga or pilates. Any exercise will help you feel better after a particularly rough day at work. It’s actually the best prescription for a long, happy and healthy life. Deep belly breathing is one of the most effective ways to destress from any situation. It puts a hand-brake on your body’s fight or flight response and promotes feelings of calm.

How long should you rest after work?

It's recommended to rest for 72 hours before working out the same muscle group again. This gives your body the time it needs for muscle recovery and growth without risking injury from overtraining or under-recovery.

Take a few minutes to practice diaphragmatic breathing if you have not already. For instance, you will be able to enter more data values into a spreadsheet faster and more efficiently if you listen to fast-paced music.

Forgo Happy Hour For A Workout

Choose some destress after work recipes that come together in minutes and whip up one when you get home from work. If the weather is nice and you still have daylight, take advantage of it and spend some quality time with nature. Spending time outside will help boost your energy and mood and can revive you after a long day at work.